Terms and conditions

See our terms and conditions regarding your membership, admission and resignation

Admission - Becoming a member

We welcome every pilot, cabin crew and other aviation workers to join the FPU – Flight Personnel Union.

You will become a full-fledged member from the moment you choose to initiate your membership.

From the time of registration, you have access to all member benefits and professional help from the FPU-team. You also have the right to continue any case or dispute through our legal department as soon as you have joined if the case has arisen after registration.

Resignation - Leaving the union

If you wish to resign from FPU and thereby leave the union, you must send an email with your name and date of resignation to fpu@flyvebranchen.dk.

According to the current statutes, the notice period is the current month plus 30 days.

Ex: If you resign on April 25, your resignation will be effective from May 31. You maintain full membership and all member benefits until May 31st.

Once you have resigned, you will no longer have access to member benefits, and we will no longer be able to file or take any cases or disputes for you.

Join FPU today

by calling +45 36 13 25 15
or by e-mail to fpu@flyvebranchen.dk
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