Become a member of FPU – Flight Personnel Union

The FPU is the largest trade union in Danish civil aviation for pilots, cabin crews and AFIS operators.

Become a member of the largest professional community in Danish aviation for pilots, cabin crew and AFIS operators and get covered all the way through your employment relationship!

10 good reasons for becoming a member of the FPU:

  1. FPU is the largest trade union for pilots, cabin crew and AFIS operators in Denmark and Greenland
  2. We have the largest community for flying staff and AFIS operator through our large hinterland LO
  3. You can become a member regardless of whether we have an agreement with your workplace or you work abroad
  4. We are the union for flying staff and AFIS operators with the most local departments and trust representatives fighting for you at your workplace
  5. We work politically to support our members’ interests, but we do not work party politically or support religious directions
  6. We are the trade union for flying staff who are members and active in most international organizations (7 organizations in 2014)
  7. We are experts in consulting the aviation industry’s challenges and your workplace challenges both professionally and legally
  8. The center member is one of our core values, as our employees help and support you
  9. We help you for free with all the problems and challenges you have in connection with your work, even if it requires a lawyer.
  10. You can access all our member benefits, offers and discounts through both FPU and your local department such as memberships, newsletters, insurance, events and many more.

Become a member of FPU

Contact us by phone +45 36 13 25 15 or by e-mail: