Membership of the FPU

FlIGHT PersonELL Union

Become a member of the largest flying community in Danish aviation

FPU is Denmark’s largest union for flying.

We organize more than 2,000 pilots, cabin crew, AFIS operators, flight instructors, helicopter pilots, HEMS crew and HOIST operators.

In short, we are the strongest and most inclusive professional community in Danish aviation.

We therefore represent a large part of the entire aviation industry in Denmark and therefore many different sides of the industry.

Our members thus have different weekdays and needs. That’s why we have several types of memberships, and one of them is guaranteed to fit your reality.

7 good reasons to become a member of the FPU

  1. FPU is the largest trade union for flying personnel in Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. We have Denmark’s largest network of local branches and union representatives who fight for you and your working conditions.
  2. You can become a member regardless of whether your workplace is covered by one of our collective agreements or not, work abroad or are unemployed.
  3. We work politically to support the interest of our members, but we do not work in partisan politics.
  4. We have organized pilots and cabin crew for more than 50 years and therefore know the industry inside and out. With us by your side, you always have access to professional and legal assistance.
  5. We help you free of charge with all the problems and challenges you have in connection with your work – even if this requires a lawyer.
  6. We protect your terms beyond the Scandinavian borders. We are the trade union for flight personnel that is a member of and most active in the most international networks.
  7. You get access to all our membership benefits, offers and discounts through both FPU, your local branch and FH..

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Become part of the largest professional community in civil aviation in Denmark

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