FPU and Min A-kasse

Insurance against unemployment is an important part of the union system.

FPU offers unemployment insurance through “Min A-kasse”.

All employees in Denmark pay a labour market contribution of 8% of the entire income.

The state’s revenue from the contribution is among others used to cover the Danish unemployment benefit.

Most of the fee you pay for the unemployment insurance (A-kasse) is transferred to the state.

A small amount is used to cover the expenses which are connected with the administration of the insurance (A-kasse).

Your membership fee for the FPU and the unemployment insurance (A-kasse) is deductible on your tax return – if you pay taxes in Denmark.

When you stop working in Denmark, you have to re-join the unemployment insurance in your own country – or new work country. Once you have joined your own unemployment insurance you must contact us with the date you wish to terminate your membership of the Danish unemployment insurance (A-kasse).

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