Learn more about the advantages of a FPU membership

As a member of the FPU you have access to a favourable leisure time accident insurance with TJM/Tryg (insurance company). You can be a part of the scheme, if you live and work in a EU-country. Just contact the FPU if you are not already part of the scheme.

There are also other insurances to choose from at favourable member prices.

You can contact TJM and learn more about the member discount you may benefit from as a member of the FPU either by phone +45 70 33 28 28 or visit TJM Insurance.

Benefits of a FPU membership

More benefits to be attained.

For an example you gain access to a discount-service (Forbrugsforeningen) and banking-services through Lån & Spar-bank.

Both of these benefits requires a Danish bank account or CPR-number.

If you want to know more call the FPU on +45 36 13 25 15.

Join FPU today

by calling +45 36 13 25 15

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