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Lower membership-fee for unemployed aviation workers

New offer for those who have lost their job because of the COVID19-crisis

Are you one of the unlucky ones who lost your job during this difficult time for the aviation industry, we will offer you a financial relieve.

FPU offers a lower membership-fee for unemployed aviation-workers.

The following conditions apply:

  • You must be unemployed, and your notice period must have expired
  • You must not have a pending case at FPU or have a pending claim with LG.

What you get:

  • Access to FPU’s professional advice
  • If you have been subject to a bankruptcy, you will receive assistance with your claim for the bankruptcy estate
  • Access to all FPU’s membership offers and thus also the collective leisure/accident insurance.

The FPU’s unemployment quota costs 99 kroner a month.

You can either contact us at or at 36152515 to change your current membership.