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Information regarding your membership-fee

As of February 1, 2020, the full-time membership fee will increase by DKK 25 in order to keep up with the price development over the last five years.

For five years, the fee has not increased in FPU. Since 2015, groceries and other consumer good in Denmark (but also in the rest of Scandinavia and EU) have generally become more expensive. Meanwhile the FPU fee has not been regulated.

We now regulate the FPU fee so that the price corresponds to the surrounding price development in Denmark. This applies exclusively to the full-time membership-fee at FPU: From February 1st the fee will be DKK 424 per month.

FPU offers more for you

FPU negotiates agreements for more employees and members than ever before. It is these agreements (collective work agreements) that ensure good working conditions in aviation. At the same time, the members of the FPU have access to the industry’s best professional and legal assistance: This assistance may be relevant to you in bankruptcies, termination cases, and when it comes to negotiations of pay and working conditions. But you can also have your contract checked by our legal service when you are a member.

In addition, the FPU does political lobbying in order to ensure better conditions for the flying personnel both in Denmark but mainly in the EU-arena.

You can read more about the FPU here:

Did you know that the FPU also offers the members a Group Leisure-time Accident Insurance. You can read about it here.