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FPU will adapt to new corona guidelines – meetings and courses will be cancelled

At a press conference this evening (March 11, 2020), the Danish Prime Minister and the authorities took further measures to contain the corona virus. Therefore all Danish public schools and daycare facilities will be closed, and on the private labor market everyone is encouraged to work at home – if possible. Physical meetings that are not necessary are also recommended to be canceled.

Of course, in FPU we follow the recommendations of the authorities, which we are obliged to do as an Danish organization. Therefore, we will close down all meetings in FPU. This means, for example, general assemblies and other meetings that were to be held in Valby or under the auspices of FPU, and this also applies to planned course activities.

In addition, the Conciliation Board has informed FPU today that as a public workplace, they are also closing down at this time, and they will announce in the next few days how the negotiations will be affected by this. In addition, we have informed Dansk Industri that our negotiations should be postponed until the conciliation institution has given new information.

All these measures will apply from today until 1. April 2020. If this changes, we will of course notify.

However, it is important to note that the FPU secretariat continues to work, but our staff will work from home. Thus, the phone and mail are open as usual.

We hope for your understanding and remember to keep yourselves healthy and safe out there.

Sincerely yours