FPU Fund – FAQ

Answer: Yes, it is possible that pilots can renew an older certificate if it brings them closer to the job market. You can only apply for reimbursement of expenses for a certificate, and the maximum amount is DKK 15,000.

Answer: Yes

Answer: The Danish Agency for Labor Market and Recruitment is clarifying this. As a starting point, the extra costs in connection with ATPL will not be covered.


Pilots etc. may have been terminated before 11 March, but must have the day of resignation after 11 March 2020 in order to take part in the scheme.

Answer: No

Answer: If the DKK 15,000. is used in connection with the test in which the pilot has failed, no further subsidy can be given. A renewed test can be covered up to the maximum allocated amount of DKK 15,000. pr. person.

Answer: If it is the independent pilot’s primary occupation, he or she can access support.

DKK 20 million has been set aside, and each pilot can apply for a max. 15,000 kr. per year.

FPU estimates that approx. 1,000 pilots have lost their jobs. We expect that there will be enough funds for applicants who live up to the requirements to apply this year, regardless of when their certificate expires.

You can apply for a grant from the fund at the earliest 3 months before the expiry of the certificate, medical and language proficiency check. If, contrary to expectations, there should be a lack of funds at the end of the year, FPU will contact the Ministry of Employment and the parties behind the agreement with a request to expand the fund.