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FPU moves towards a new enhanced organizational frame

FPU’s delegates have today with unanimity decided that FPU should leave Serviceforbundet.

FPU will now move towards a new enhanced organizational frame as both the board, the management and the 51 delegates believe that the FPU’s future must be found outside Serviceforbundet.

FPU’s management and the board have therefore launched a study of future possibilities for a new and enhanced frame for the benefit of the members. We have in this connection made an application to the LO, the Danish Railway Union, which organizes the employees of the Danish railway and transport companies. The purpose of this application is to offer a more independent structure and strengthened democratic platform for FPU’s current and future members.

We need to be present were the decisions are made both in Denmark and the EU. The talks and cooperation with the Danish Railway Union aims to create a new organizational frame with greater political and professional power. This is necessary in order to handle the challenges which a tough and competitive transport industry brings. FPU will within the new unifying frame retain its independence and identity, the same goes for the Danish Railway Union

We would like to thank Serviceforbundet for 45 years of good cooperation. It has been the right place for us to be. But due to the increased international competition in the aviation industry, it is vital for us to develop even further in a new organizational framework where both Danish and international transport issues are in focus.

Up to the members
Now it is up to the current members of the FPU to confirm today’s decision before the withdrawal can become a reality. An electronic ballot will therefore be initiated among all members of the FPU in April 2016. In FPU it is always up to the members to decide which way we must to go as a organization.

When the voting starts in April, more information will follow. But if you still have questions beyond what the above mentions, please feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards

Anders Mark Jensen (Vicepresident FPU) Thilde Waast (President, FPU)