COVID-19 – Extended opening hours, FAQ and solutions

COVID-19 – Extended opening hours, FAQ and solutions

Our industry is in an unprecedented crisis. Hourly, the companies shut down and the employees are being sent home. The latest news is that Norwegian has furloughed more than 7,000 employees, including many FPU-members.

At FPU, we believe in the industry, we believe in solutions, and we work hard for you.

Right now we are trying to find solutions with the companies. In addition, we work to inform you and your colleagues, thus enabling you to handle the situation in the best possible way. Furthermore, FPU works politically to find solutions for the aviation industry as a whole.

Extended opening hours

We are also expanding our business hours (no physical meetings allowed). Initially to 9-17 on weekdays and our telephones are also open on weekends from 9-15. The number is 0045 36 13 25 15. But we advise you to seek answers foremost at a local level from your local union representative.

Your questions

We also have a completely updated FAQ that can answer some important questions. We will update it continuously.

Fighting for aviation

We work to bring political solutions to the table. Last week, we approached the Government with two demands: 1: A salary compensation-scheme 2: Secure liquidity for the industry. The government and the social partners in Denmark presented a salary-compensation model last Sunday. 

We are still working to make this model fit the challenges of our industry, we are doing everything possible to make it work. In addition, we have advocated for employers to bring liquidity to the industry. An hour ago, the Government presented an aid package to particularly affected industries, including aviation. Companies will be able to get state-coverage for some of their recurring expenses during the crisis – between 25 to 80 percent. But at this time, it is very difficult to say, precisely how beneficial this is for the companies. None the less we are still trying to push further demands to the government

That is also why we encourage members to follow through our social media on facebook, twitter and Linkedin. And not least on our professional media Here you will be able to get updated on the solutions.

Kind regards

Thilde Waast

Formand FPU

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