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Closure of Ryanair bases in Denmark

Ryanair is closing its last base

The Danish Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) noted Friday the 17th of July that Ryanair is closing its last base.

The trade union movement is satisfied that the Labour Court has – also with this case – shown its support for the workers’ right to defend themselves against a company like Ryanair which grossly underpays its employees and blatantly disregards our rules, says LO’s Vice-President, Lizette Risgaard.

This means that Ryanair no longer has crew in Denmark working on the very poor working conditions that we have been witnessing.

There will therefore be no secondary actions in Danish airports.

The support in this case has been massive.

Thank you!

Furthermore, I am proud and glad that our members – including the ones that would have been directly affected by a conflict – have supported us.

This is an important precondition if we are to ensure decent pay- and working conditions in future collective agreements, says Lizette Risgaard.

Our efforts to defend decent wages and working conditions in aviation continue in cooperation with our European colleagues.