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A Dark Reflection – Official Teaser Trailer

Following his own journey from British Airways, to film producer and director, it has always been Tristan Loraine’s ambition to raise awareness of the issues involving toxic air.

After being forced to retire due to ill health, and losing friends, both pilots and crew who died from the poisonous fumes on board the aircraft they flew, Tristan has sought to bring aerotoxic syndrome to the attention of the public.

Toxic Cabin Air has been of interest to the media for some years, but the public have been unaware of the importance it could make on their own health.

In May 2014 The Daily Telegraph shared a video of a passenger who also suffered health issues after taking an American flight. The cause of the toxic air comes from the plane build, which brings bleed air into the aircraft cabin and cockpit via the engines; this has the potential for a bleed air leak.

A Dark Reflection follows several Documentary Films also produced by Fact Not Fiction Films seeking to bring this issue to the fore.

The film’s tagline, “What happened on Flight 313?” links to a real event.

See the Trailer here.