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Deltag i undersøgelse af flyve- hviletidsregler

Er du pilot eller er du kabineansat?

Så opfordrer vi dig til at deltage i nedenstående undersøgelse

Du kan spare tid ved at følge instrukserne nedenfor på engelsk

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In order to facilitate filling in the survey, please find below a few suggestions:

  • first, fill in only those questions that are mandatory (marked with a red asterisk)
  • early on, the 6 key FTL issues will appear: click on those issues that affect you in your daily operations
  • do absolutely provide a rating of the fatiguing impact on the proposed scale 1 to 9
  • provide your type of airline (at the beginning) and type of contract (at the end of the survey)
  • if you have time and wish to do so, reply to the more detailed text box questions

It is better if you fill in more than one questionnaire per union, please spread it also among your members.

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